Jeanne Mourad has been working as a freelance makeup artist for 20 years.  In her journey throughout the industry she has worked in television, print and run-way but her passion lies in helping everyday women to learn the tools and trick of  the trade.  She helps all types of women to enhance their unique look.



If you are like most women, you were not taught how to apply makeup properly.  The only resource most of us had growing up was the Sales Associates at the cosmetic counters at the mall or through magazines or talking to a friend.  As we are all getting older (and wiser too), it is time to take care of ourselves.  Jeanne can sit with you and show you how to be your best self.  Every woman is different, unique and beautiful and Jeanne will make you shine the way you are meant to.  You don't need a lot of makeup to be beautiful, you just need to have the right products and know how to apply them properly.  Time to shine ladies...



Karen N. says...

"Jeanne has an innate ability to look at someone's face and instantly know what make up works for them and why.  Her talent for make up application allows her to be able to bring out the best features in her clients while concealing any flaws they may have.   Studio cosmetics allows Jeanne to customize the make up specifically for you.  Her eye for current trends in make up keep her well informed of what is new and upcoming from season to season.  She passes this knowledge on to her clients using Studio cosmetics.  I have used her make up for years and love how light and fresh it is."

Kate says...​

"Jeanne is not going to let you steer yourself to any color trend that does not work for you.

I like to look as natural as I can during the day, less 10 years.  Jeanne's products and advice help me do that.
Jeannie is easy to work with- all questions are worth consideration. Jeanne is  refreshingly frank and honest in her opinions.
I loooove her products and colors.  The lipliners last longer than other products."

Cindy D. says...

"-I love how the makeup Jeanne recommends looks natural and feels light.  She pairs your skin tone to the appropriate shade as to look as natural as possible.  The products are long lasting and do not smudge or look greasy after a long day.  I love Jeanne's motto of less makeup is more attractive!"

Kerry says...

"Jeanne is such a professional.  She can work with a large group and instantly knows what products and techniques to recommend for each individual.  Her friendliness and personable manner puts the customer at ease.  She spent so much time with me individually, and all the products she recommended I love and continue to use.  Reordering is so quick and easy too!"

Kim V. says...

I'm love my lip gloss and have tried many. I find myself always reaching for

the ones I ordered through Jeanne. The colors are amazing and the texture
and shine are the best. I also love that I don't have to drive to the mall
to get more when I run out!